Faith Photo 3 Apr-2013Girl, Born August 2010

Down syndrome

Faith was born in August of 2010 and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. She has been seen by a cardiologist and the report shows that she has no cardiac concerns or problems. Faith is very active; she can walk holding onto a stable object and likes to listen to music. She is a somewhat serious little girl who makes sounds, recognizes her caretakers and smiles when teased.

From an adopting family who met her in January of 2013: “While visiting with our little girl [at the same orphanage] we had the pleasure of getting to spend time with sweet “Faith”. She is such a delightful little girl with the most amazing smile. She loves to be held, touch your hands and listen to music. She is not defined by her diagnosis and shows true determination for life. She is such a happy little girl and is waiting patiently for her forever family who will give her the chance to reach her full potential.”

Additional photos, videos and medical information available upon request.

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