York (Kennedy)

York (1)

York (1) York (2)Boy, born Feb 2006
Post-op hydrocephalus

York was found abandoned at the age of 2 1/2 years old. He is a very clever, outgoing, and active child and can learn fast. York has good self care skills and he can put on clothes and shoes, fold the quilt and have a meal alone, and can also help other children to do something what they can’t do, such as pass the toy to them or sing for them. In school he listens to the teacher and is learning well. He also has learned some English and he likes to sing English children’s songs.

By the way, he is quite the little singer and loves to perform when guests come. York performs for them happily, which always bring laughter and joy for everyone. his caretakers state that he is so excellent, so happy, so strong, which can’t help making us send the most enthusiastic applause for him. York would love to have a family to perform for and sing with. Are you ready to add this little star to your family?