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Evelyn (1) Evelyn (2)Girl, born August 2003
Developmental delays

Listed:  September 10, 2013

 Evelyn is a pretty little girl who was abandoned at age 5 in a rural area. She had received no education and therefore is now a 10 year old trying to catch up with her peers. She is one of the favorites at the center. Several nannies take her home with them so she can experience family life. In the center she is in a room with 4 girls and 1 nanny. She is very shy especially around strangers. Evelyn attends the special class at school and is now able to count to 100 and on her own told me “thank you” although they say she does not understand many words in English. Her writing is excellent. She also loves to sing and is very talented.

Evelyn’s favorite foods are apples and chicken wings. Her favorite color is pink. She truly wants to be adopted and go to America….QUICKLY! (as stated in her own words!)

From an agency that previously had her file:  “We brought her to the USA for hosting last summer and her behavior was uncontrollable and violent at times.  She was very unhappy to be here, cried a lot, was very demanding of her host family, and had tantrums every day.  We are not saying this child should not be adopted, but it will take a very patient family and they will need to be well-trained in how to deal with older children who have experienced trauma and who may have an attachment disorder.”

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