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2008, FEB 28th, SpringGirl, born August 2008
congenital macular coloboma of two eyes; normal physical development


Spring was born premature and has eye issues. It is likely that she has minimal sight. She is not under any treatment. She moves around very well. She is said to be a smart girl, more intelligent than children of the same age. She is potty trained. She has good self-confidence. The foster mother stated she is smart and well behaved. She can learn fast and is very independent. She attends the orphanage school. She knows some English. She liked playing with another girl in the same foster family, and she helps her foster mother with housework. She lives in the foster family with four other children. Her biggest wish is to cook food. She wants to go to the US very much. She asks “where is my American mom?”

Spring has a $1,000 special focus agency grant.

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