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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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PEPE for the Nelms family — VA

Since she was a little girl, Tiffany wanted a large family. At 30, Tiffany decided to adopt as a single mother. With a degree in social work and a love for international travel, she traveled most of Latin America over the last 10 years. International adoption from a region of the world she loved so much seemed a great way to start a family.

A friend shared several waiting children in Latin American and Tiffany immediately fell in love with Pepe. Having traveled to Pepe’s country in the past as a tourist (and loving it), it was an even better fit. Tiffany’s work with immigrant children in the US keeps her well connected to the Latin culture, a part of her life she wants to share with Pepe.

Pepe has some delays, but is a “people person” and makes friends easily. He is an active boy and his momma cant wait to get him home and keep him busy making friends and seeing the world.



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