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Jesika (L)

Jesika M 218Girl, born Oct 2010
Developmental delays, speech delays

Jesika is quiet, calm and non-conflict. Reacts to her name by turning back to the side where the calling person is. She expresses her wants and needs with sounds and yelling. Little communication with children, more communicates with adults. During the educational activities concentrates her attention for a short period of time, for a longer time concentrates attention if plays with the musical toys. Started to play with big parts of constructional toys. Jesika observes other children while they play and later copies and performs their actions. Sensory understanding is not yet developed. Final and gross motor skills are not developed in full. Likes to swing on the horse, plays with the ball. Understands and implements simple instructions. Eats without help with the spoon, drinks from a cup. Needs full help in dressing and undressing, wears diapers, sleep is good and calm.

Update from August 2013 indicates that Jesika is not yet talking, says “thank you” and “no”.

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