Cade B 319Boy, born July 2007
Vision issues – weak vision in both eyes; inborn high level of shortsightedness with the degeneration symptoms in the background of the eye.  Specific mixed developmental disorder

Cade is very loving, non-conflict child and friendly. When he faces difficulty, he asks for help from a child or an adult. Very careful in the environment he is not familiar with. Cade is taught according to the individual program, always performs his tasks, asks a lot of questions. Has knowledge and visualizations of the environment he is at and further from him, about the people as well. Is good singer, likes to read poems, is able to speak about his experience.

Cade is a very active child, his movement is in co-ordination and balance. He eats without help and is clean, can undress himself, while dressing up – needs a minimum of help from an adult.

Cade likes to draw and play pretend.

$2500.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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