Joseph Drawing JosephBoy, born Oct 2001
postoperative congenital cleft lip and palate neoplasty

Joesph needs to be adopted PRIOR to his birthday in October 2015!
From someone who met him in 2013: Joseph is an older boy I met this past July who lives in a foster care apartment within his orphanage with two older sisters and three younger siblings. He attends a middle school in the area. Joseph excels in his Art classes and his art is displayed around his foster home and the walls of his bedroom. His foster mom was very proud of his accomplishments and made sure we didn’t leave without seeing his Artwork first! Joseph seemed a little shy but we were told he does hope to be adopted. I imagine he would smile a lot more after some braces. He may be a little self conscious of his teeth but his face lights up when he talks about his Artwork and I was able to catch a small shy smile.

$1,948.03 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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