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Theo 2013 (1)Theo 2013 (2)Boy, born July 1999
Cerebral Palsy


Everyone who has met Theo described him as a gentle, lovey, cuddly boy. He is very delayed, but would blossom in a family, if given the opportunity. He is a gentle delight to be around, and such a sweetie!

He is stiff, due to having cerebral palsy, and not having the luxury of Physical Therapy to help him function better. He sits hour after hour in a wheel chair. As he gets older and bigger he will be moved to a bed and left there. He will be put in a diaper and left in bed – fed there and left – the diaper changed once or twice a day. He will no longer be taken outside he will just be left to lay there. Unless the workers take them to the pond or playground, they literally sit in a shed and do NOTHING all day.

Theo is an absolute sweetheart. Gentle is what sums him up the best, his smile is ever ready and he loved being around people. He kind of melted into his joy every time they got close to him.

Of all the kids there I think he has the most room for improvement. With a family that will stretch him and help him I think he has a ton of potential! He is speech delayed also but again has so much potential. He speaks but not much, but he seems aware of his surroundings and delights in small pleasures.

From someone who met him in June 2013:
I spent a lot of time with Theo. He is truly a sweetheart with so much love to give. On my first day here we took some children to a pond. I pushed him in his wheelchair and spent about 30 minutes throwing rocks into the pond with him. On the way back we heard a cuckoo and I said “Cuckoo!” and he started saying “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” The next day when he saw me he said “Mama! Cuckoo!” He always says “Mama!” when he sees me and grabs my hand and lays his head on me. He truly is an incredibly loving little boy.

I’ll not be shy in saying that Theo is one of my favorites here. He is so sweet and gentle and patient. He is appreciative of the smallest kindness. Usually he is in the Happy Home, but some of those kids are at summer camp and he and the others will go to Crimea next week, so he is in with a group of less able children right now. Unless we take them to the pond or playground, they literally sit in a shed and do NOTHING all day. Today we took children to the playground, and I wrote all their names in English and gave them the papers. Theo was so excited to get his. He kept looking at it and saying his name again and again and showing me. Later, when we were back at the shed, I saw him looking at the paper and saying his name. Then he carefully put it in his pocket, which is hard for him because I think he has cerebral palsy. Then he sat with his hand covering his pocket so the paper would not fall out. Last night I rubbed his back and sang to him after he was in bed and he just smiled and smiled and patted my face. Theo would blossom in a family.

$207.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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