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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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JACKSON for the Simmons family — TX

JacksonJody and Julie have been married almost twenty years and have three children: Hannah-17, Joshua-15, and Caleb-7. Over the years, they have seen God’s faithful hand of redemption in their marriage and family, and believe that he is now writing the next chapter of this beautiful story: ADOPTION.

After feeling God’s call to adopt in 2012, Jody and Julie began researching agencies and searching photo-listings for the child that they felt would be a good fit for their family. However, God had greater plans than theirs. Over time, God began opening their hearts to the possibility of adopting an older child, one with special needs. When they saw Jackson’s photo on Reece’s Rainbow on April 26, 2013, he took hold of their hearts and hasn’t let go! They know that Jackson will need lots of patient instruction and unconditional love to overcome the delays he has experienced from spending six years in a crib, but they also know that God has called them to be his family and do whatever it takes to capture his heart and meet his needs. They are trusting God to provide both the financial provision to bring him home and the wisdom to parent him. Jackson’s older brothers and sister are preparing for his arrival by raising money, and even learning Mandarin and sign language to help him learn to communicate. The Simmons family won’t be complete until Jackson is finally home!

9/23/14—TRAVELING NOV 23

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