Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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FredBoy, born June 2008
congenital deformed digital joints of hands, introversion of toe joints

Fred is an intelligent, cute little guy whose special need is that his fingers and toes are webbed. His mobility is not affected by this condition – he dances to jazz music and loves to perform. He is in Kindergarten where music is his favorite subject. This smart boy can write 1-10 and counts orally to 100. The nannies call him brilliant! He did say one thing in English without prompting: “bye bye”. His bathroom habits are normal and he is an average boy except for those cute little fingers and toes. One day he would like to be a policeman. He likes to watch TV – loves cartoons and movies. He plays with puzzles and other toys with his friends. He lives at the center with 4 boys in his room and one caregiver. Everyone who meets Fred just loves him! Is yours the lucky family that this sweet little boy will dance a lifetime with?

Fred has a $1,000 Special Focus grant from the agency.


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