MartyBoy, born in November 2001Gary and Marty
mild hydrocephalus

Marty is a loving, kind child who rarely becomes angry but when he does, he gets over it quickly. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was found as a baby. He was cured and now is considered to be healthy. Marty stated it perfectly when he exclaimed, “It is good luck to be healthy again.” Marty attends 4th grade where he is especially good with computers. He is of normal intelligence and a great helper to the teacher. He can say many words in English including: no, hello, thank you, goodbye. He also loves all sports, especially basketball. His favorite color is red.

Marty’s best friend is Gary. They are truly close and Marty said his greatest dream would be for them to be adopted together! Marty is not opposed to a large family. He desperately wants to have a forever family. He also commented, “but if you can’t find me a family it will be OK because in the future I will be able to help other children find forever homes.”  Now who wouldn’t love to have a son with such a sweet, caring and positive attitude?

13 year old Marty and 11.5 year old Gary are foster brothers who are VERY close! They wish to be adopted together and the orphanage hopes they will be as well. BOTH boys now have their orphanage donation waived!!!! The agency has a partnership with their orphanage and just visited in November. After the staff finished interviewing the boys, Marty said, “This is the third time you have come here to meet with us… Why don’t we have a family yet?” Oh my heart…no child should even have to ask that. Can you imagine? These boys NEED to find their forever family and it needs to be quick too since Marty doesn’t have a lot of time!

Marty is a 13 year old boy (ages out next November) who dreams about becoming a teacher. He is diagnosed with mild hydrocephalus. He perseveres in school as he is a leader in his class. His favorite classes are drawing and singing. He’s quite an extroverted young man and is friendly, playful, helpful, and kind. And my favorite…he smiles A LOT! His mental acuity is normal and he is equal to his peers. MARTY HAS NO ORPHANAGE DONATION and he has a $3,000 AGENCY GRANT with Madison Adoption Associates. Agency fees for his adoption will be $3,500.
$525.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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