jonny updated picture feb 2014JonnyBoy, born August 2003

Crossed eye, repaired club feet, Bell’s palsy

Jonny is outgoing, clever and lovely. He is getting along with others well and can get along well with other children. His favorite activity is bouncing the ball and his favorite toy is Ultra-Man toy. When someone plays on the seesaw and slide he is happy. He is fond of listening to music. With the guidance of his teacher, he can do morning exercise following the music, and do some simple dance movements. He is happy to help others and knows to care about others; he is willing to help others. Under the care and loving of everyone, he grows healthily and happily. Everyone expects he will have loving parents soon.

Jonny has a $5,000 agency grant and his orphanage donation will be reduced, possibly even waived completely.

$50.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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