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DANIEL for the Rakoczy family — CA

DanielLouis and Shannon met while in college. Twenty plus years later they are the proud parents of five children… two sons were homemade and their three daughters were handpicked. After birthing two sons, they felt the call to adopt after miscarrying two babies. Their first daughter arrived via the state foster care system at the age of eight. Though adopting an older child has its challenges, their family was greatly blessed and desired to adopt again. Shannon was very interested in international adoption this time and began researching the different country programs. The Lord led them   to the China adoption program and in 2005, the family traveled to China to bring home their next daughter. They fell in love with her as well as her homeland and returned in 2007 to bring home a third daughter. They thought the Lord was done building their family but last summer, Shannon heard the call to bring home a little boy from Russia. After much prayer, the couple decided to move forward, only to have their hearts broken when the Russian president banned Americans from adopting Russian children. Feeling their family was indeed incomplete and desiring to offer a home and family to another child, they are now pressing on to bring a son home from China. They invite you to partner with them in prayer and financial support as they set out to “care for the least of these.”

4/6/14—LOA RECVD

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