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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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30818205146Boy, born May 2009
hydrocephaly, epysyndrom, spastic tetraparesis, congenital defect of brain development


Wylie has a handsome boy who is facing transfer soon.

From a family who met him in 2014:

Wylie is a sweet boy, and obviously loved by the nannies. They often stooped down to talk to him, and walked hand in hand with him. He walked constantly, clapping his hands and smiling. He exhibited what I would describe as autistic tendencies. I don’t recall ever hearing him speak. One day he wondered out of his groupa (apparently the door wasn’t latched) into the common area we were visiting out son in. My husband took his hand and led him back. He has a special place in our hearts and we pray someone will see him and choose him. I would be glad to talk to anyone interested. He is precious. He’s at a great baby house, that is very pro-adoption, and in a faster region than most.

*** This child has significant facial features of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).   This is a cautionary disclosure to better prepare our potential adoptive families.  Families considering this child should research and be prepared for the challenges that can come with this condition.   You can learn more about FAS here:  and post to our Facebook group to ask other adoptive parents about the challenges and blessings of children with FAS. ***


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