LadukeAdam and Karen LaDuke have been married for 16 years. They have two daughters- ages 12 and 10. They have so enjoyed parenting and feel so strongly for the plight of the orphan that they hoped to add to their family by adopting again in 2013. After attempting to adopt little sisters and having the process end differently than they had planned, they were put on a waiting list. For seven months they waited and prayed and mourned, not knowing what God had in store for their future. Finally, “Julia” was informally referred to them. Without much initial information, they prayed over the situation and asked God to show them if she was meant for their family. While praying, Adam felt he suddenly knew “Julia’s” name. Within hours of telling Karen, an email arrived confirming Adam’s realization. This little girl was meant to be theirs! “Julia’s” soon-to-be older sisters are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little sister, as are Adam and Karen. God’s plan is always best- even when it catches us by surprise!

2/18/15—I800 SUBMITTED 

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