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AVA and MIA for the LaDuke family — NY

Ava Mia May 19 2013Adam and Karen LaDuke met in college where they became fast friends. A college professor paired them up to share a painting studio assuring Karen, “Adam will be a great influence on you.” Though the professor was speaking in artistic terms, his statement proved to be much more true than he ever imagined. Karen and Adam were married in 1999 and their birth daughter, Naomi, was born to them four years later. Parenting rocked! They loved every bit of it and enjoyed their time with their sweet, sensitive, and imaginative Naomi at home. A week before Naomi turned three, she came to her parents and announced that they were to have another baby. “Her name is Sally and she doesn’t have a Mommy or a Daddy. Mommy will be the Mommy and Daddy will be her Daddy.” This was a remarkable statement for any nearly three year old, but it was especially breathtaking because Adam and Karen had been praying for about adding to their family. Having discussed future plans for adoption before they were even married, they weren’t sure if their next child should be biological or adopted. Their discussions had all taken place after bedtime and out of earshot of Naomi’s room, so they felt stunned by her “proclamation”. They were particularly shocked to find a little girl from China three weeks later on a waiting child website with the name “Sally”. When Karen called and asked for information concerning Sally’s special needs and found out that Sally had the same medical issues that Karen herself had dealt with as a child! Continuing to pray privately as they collected information, Adam and Karen needed to make a decision about adopting. No one had mentioned Sally to Naomi during this time, but praying with Naomi a month after her announcement, Karen asked God to send her just the right brother or sister at just the right time. Naomi, now three, interrupted to interject, “Yeah, God… Send us Sally.” Sally came home one year later and the two have been extremely close since Day 1. Six years have now passed and Adam and Karen felt God nudging them toward adoption again. This time, Karen saw “Ava and Mia” on Reece’s Rainbow and immediately saw the kind of loving relationship between them that Naomi and Sally share. The age difference between the two girls was the same as well. Upon seeing the girls’ picture, Adam immediately felt God calling him to say “Yes!” When the girls’ picture was switched from the “Newly Listed Children” category to the “My Family Found Me” category, Naomi cried tears of joy and Sally screamed and did cartwheels. GOD IS GOOD! Please join with Adam and Karen as they pray for “Ava and Mia” in Africa and await for the girls to unite with them as their forever family.


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