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JordanJordan-2Boy, born January 2000
repaired cleft lip and palate

Jordan needs to be adopted before he turns 14 in January 2014, or he will forever lose his chance at a family.

Jordan is an endearing child and an above average student who loves basketball, skating, and other athletic activities. He has a sweet personality and is described as loving, helpful, caring of others, fun-loving, and energetic. Jordan is very articulate and expresses himself well. He loves to read!

Jordan lives with a foster family and is very close to his foster mother. As close as he is to his foster family, he has a strong desire to be adopted and expressed that to us in our conversations with him. He is well-liked and gets along well with other children, his foster family, and orphanage staff.

Jordan will be aging out of the system in January of 2014, so the agency is looking for a family whose dossier is logged in already (through any agency), or close to being logged in. Families with an approved current home study may also have enough time to complete the adoption before he ages out.

The agency has reduced some fees and may have additional grant funding available for Jordan’s adoption.

$62.60 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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