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Violet (L)

VioletGirl, born January 2009
Cognitive delays, delays in speech and language development, eye disorder, movment and positioning difficulty, FAS

At 3 years old, Violet had development typical for FAS. Pronounces words, understands and implements simple instructions, knows and shows objects in her environment, knows names of the children in her group. Her individual play is weak, likes rhythmical activities and dances.

Personal observation from someone who knows her:
Violet speaks in sentences; is in very high repetitive stage, sings songs, seeks for contact. She became very upset and misses a caregiver who left after six months; she had become attached to her, and her cognitive development started to go up. Can concentrate attention up to 20-30 minutes if she is played with and during the play communicates with the adult. She would do well in a family who may have an older child then Violet and who may become a play partner for her as well as whom she may copy and improve her development.

Violet wears glasses, she is careful about them and she takes care of them. She started to sing songs and she does this properly. She is delayed, but there is progress. She follows the rules in the group as well as when she is out. Wanted always to be with us, but of course the caregivers were limiting. She rocks sometimes just to pay the attention and when you come and stop her she usually smiles as she understands that she got what she wanted – attention. If after coming to stop her from rocking I would continue to communicate with her and would invite for the play – she would come and would stay with me and play the proposed activity for at least 15 minutes.

From a family who met her:
She is just precious and if we could have brought her home, we totally would have! She adored [my husband] and kept asking if I was her momma! Heartbreaking! She is such a sweetheart and would be a wonderful daughter! She wants a mommy and daddy so badly too! She would just sit in our laps and stare up at our faces and rub our cheeks! Precious! I love her. A lot! She does do some self stim rocking, but as we spent more time with her, we noticed that she did it to get attention and would do it if she wasn’t getting any. She is a little chatterbox too! So sweet! And sings! I forgot about her singing! I can’t stress how sweet this little one is! I really wish we could go back for her and it breaks my heart that we can’t!

$120.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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