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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Diana and Anne (L)


The girls were removed from their home in mid-2011,  as their mother wasn’t able to provide for them.  They are in the orphanage now, and no one visits them; parental rights were terminated.


Diana, born January 2008
Delay in mental development, speech and speaking development disorder

2012:  Diana is impulsive, it is hard for her to wait, and gets upset fast. Her emotions change fast. She likes to present and express herself, seeks for the close contact and expresses attachment, seeks for love and attention.

2013: The developmental delays she has require attention and activities.  Diana requires individual attention provided by the adult in the following areas: education, daily routine and hygiene.




Anne, born March 2009
Developmental delays, speech and language delays

2012: Anne’s development does not comply with her age. She does not yet speak in sentences but understands the language the other people are speaking, is responding with sounds or cry. Her emotional state is depending on situation. She likes the physical contact with the person she likes, when taken on hands always calms down. She constantly is looking for the secure and close relationship. She can not concentrate her attention for a longer time and for this reason mostly is playing alone.

2013: Anne is not yet toilet-trained. She does not yet speak in sentences but already tries to articulate some sounds and words. When she is in good mood always expresses joy, smiles and “talks”. She often leans on the care giver, expresses her love, gives a kiss. Due to the developmental delays, she requires a special and ongoing attention and to have individual activities.
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