kasmira-2014KasmiraGuardian AngelGirl, born March 2012
FAS, heart defect, developmental delays.

Kasmira had a difficult birth, and a suspected prenatal injury. Family history states alcohol use.

Kasmira was given up at birth; her older siblings have been adopted by a foreign family.

Update January 2015:
Kasmira is an active and lively child. She eats without help, drinks from a cup, goes up and down stairway without help, takes off her clothers, takes off her shoes, puts on stockings and tries to put on the dress. Likes to “read” the books, play with puzzles, always is interested in the activity; she likes to color and play with modeline. When she is “reading” the book and finds an animal she knows – she always points to it. Her sleep is well.

The girl’s language is improving little by little. She started to repeat sylables, single words. Her language understanding improved as well as the gross motor skills. But still she does not unite words into sentences as she does not pronounce correctly some of the sounds. Started to recognize colors, forms, recognizes pictures and symbols. She knows how to show the body parts on the doll and herself.

Kasmira‘s inborn heart defect at this moment is fully compensated and has no impact on the quality of her daily life. FAS is inborn and will be with her for her entire life. At this moment the most important is that FAS causes the delay in her development.  She is small for her age, and is a picky eater.  Kasmira is in the same setting – a group setting and twice last year  she was replaced from one group to another and this mean that a lot of caregivers and children were changed in her environment.  Despite this, she is improving so fast and so well according to our facilitator.

$200.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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