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Alec updatedAlec RRBoy, born May 2011
anophthalmia, developmental delays

Alec is a beautiful darling little boy. He just celebrated his second birthday and is working really hard to catch up with his peers on development milestones. Alec loves sitting in his baby walker, as he still needs support to sit up, and looking at the different toys on the activity functions. He also has a special toy that can be worn like a glove, as his grip is not strong yet. Alec is slowly learning to tolerate more textures in his feeding, and is at present concentrating on soft apple puree. He still needs support for his feeding with a feeding tube. Alec is a cheerful little boy with a bright smile. His condition of anophthalmia is commonly corrected with a prosthetic eye. Alec continues to make progress in his development. However there is a possibility that he will have long term delays. Alec needs the love and support of a family to reach his full potential.
For more information, photos, or questions about Alec, please contact Nathalie.

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