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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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30728131752 2RaulBoy, born November 2002

From a family who met him, May 2014:
Raul is a very engaging young man.  He is full of smiles and really likes learning English.  He has a few words and some sentences already his belt.  He will try to have a conversation with you and will repeat what you say in an effort to understand you.  He prefers to be in the presence of adults verse many of his peers.  He is very professional in a business-like manner when he speaks with you and how he dresses.  You will often find him in his school uniform.  He loves to carry around his green brief case with a frog on it.  He is ready to make a deal.  He is not one to be found playing sports or soccer on the field but engaging in conversation or helping the adult supervisors in the boarding school.  He is very well liked by the staff and helpful to them.  He loves swimming and just being near you.  He is very receptive to hugs and willing to give and take them.  He is one to grab your hand, hold it while you walk and it just makes his day!


From a family who met him in April 2015:
this boy is so so sweet!! he approached our facilitator begging for a family! He wants a family so much. He met her at the gate with some chestnut flowers and said “please find me a family, I am a good boy”
We saw him working around the orphanage. He is amazing! Please find him a family!!!

$229.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


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