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Taran-smilingBoy, born Nov 2007
post-operative for trauma due to accident, delayed development

Taran was brought to the hospital after a traffic accident at the age of 2.5. He was abandoned at the hospital after surgery and after after several months of recovery in the hospital he moved into his current institute. At 4.5 years he can run, walk, jump, and go up and down stairs alone.

He likes playing with other children. Taran is a quiet child who does not like it when others take his friends toys. His caretakers say that he has made very good progress. He can play with toys and can understand adults’ words.

Taran can recite some poem’s and sing several children’s songs. His caretakers really care about him and want him to find a foreign family who will accept him as the “favorable”, lovable little boy he has become. Because of his surgery he still uses a diaper and is not allowed to go to kindergarten, but does attend the class at his institute. He is waiting on a family that will help him continue his great progress and take him to his forever home where he will be allowed to go to school.

$153.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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