Harvey HarveyBoy, born Aug 2008
Repaired cleft lip and palate, ptosis and corneal white spot on right eye, subarachnoid hemorrhage

Harvey is postoperative for clef lip and clef palate, which healed well. His intellectual and body development are reported as normal. He attends the preschool program at the orphanage and the last report at the age of 3 years and a half states that he can is toilet trained and has strong self-care ability. He is outgoing and gets along with others well. He likes to play and study with his classmates, especially on the slide, seesaw, and riding tricycles. Harvey has rhythm, and loves to dance. He is waiting to dance into his forever families heart.

From an adoptive mama that met him July 2013:
Harvey has a lot of personality and is very alert. He is very communicative and has no delays there at all.  He loves to help other students in the classroom and his gross motor skills are very good.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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