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MaleaThis little girl is about 7 years old and is HIV+.

Malea is the smallest child in her orphanage. She is described as fierce and sassy, yet loveable. She loves to be on the swing set and when boys tell her to get off she tells them to go away because she is not done yet. Visitors fall in love with her larger than life personality instantly. She is the cleanest child in the house and self sufficient always washing her own clothes. When the children are walking home from school she will pick up a stick and tells the others to go faster. She is a strong willed little girl.

She has some ADHD tendencies, may have some intellectual delays and has suspected (but not diagnosed) microcephaly. We believe this little girl may do best as the youngest child in a family who is prepared to parent a very energetic little girl who may have other special needs besides HIV.

  • Her orphanage will require a Christian family who can provide a letter of recommendation from their pastor. Interested families will need to send a letter of introduction to the orphanage and have their homestudy approved by the orphanage social worker before being able to be matched.
  • Families with six or less children at home preferred but we can inquire about an exception
  • Couples must be married at least 1 year and one parent at least 21 years older than the child being adopted
  • One parent over 25 years old.
$217.25 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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