Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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JaromeThis is a very cute 9 year old boy who needs a family! He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is fully dependent on others to meet his needs. He is constantly smiling!

He is easily startled and does best when warned of upcoming activities. He loves when people interact with him and would be so happy to have the love and attention of a family.


  • His orphanage will require a Christian family who can provide a letter of recommendation from their pastor. Interested families will need to send a letter of introduction to the orphanage and have their homestudy approved by the orphanage social worker before being able to be matched.
  • Families with six or less children at home preferred but we can inquire about an exception
  • Couples must be married at least 1 year and one parent at least 21 years older than the child being adopted
  • One parent over 25 years old.
$590.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.