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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Jeffrey-AsiaBoy, born May 2005
Complete hearing loss

Jeffrey is a sweet little boy who has been diagnosed with complete hearing loss. Doctors suggested him to wear hearing-aid and to do Cochlear Implantation when necessary. Jeffrey has normal development and has a lovely smile. He is 8 years old and is an active boy who is very social. He has many friends. Although, he cannot communicate with verbal language he is able to use sign language. His caregivers note that his communication style has no impact on his communication and play with other children. Jeffrey’s physical development is normal and he is able to go upstairs one foot per step, jump off floor with both feet, run and jump freely, and stand on one foot. Jeffrey can dress himself and can wash his hands on his own before meals. He knows big and small, outer and inner, can imitate drawing cross, can write numbers, and can recognize colors. At this time, he is attending a speech class for deaf children in the institute. Because he has not had proper educational training before, his teachers note that he has a lot to learn. However, they believe that he is a clever child and will be able to catch up if he studies hard. His teachers plan to send him to study in the Qiyin School to receive systematical study after one year of study for speech training in the institute.

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