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Carrie-AsiaGirl, born January 2006
Thalassemia and Splenectomy

Lovely little Carrie is a precious 7 year old girl who has been diagnosed with Thalassemia and Splenectomy. She has also had her appendix removed. Carrie needs to receive 1-2 blood transfusions each month. Carrie is very outgoing. She gets along great with other children and smiles at all times. When she gets around strangers she is a little shy. Carrie loves to drink milk and eat jelly. She also likes to play with bouncy balls and run. Her favorite subject is Chinese, Life and Ideological, and morals. Because she often needs to have blood transfusions for her illness this has burdened her liver and made it function abnormally. She has since been taking medicine for her liver. Carrie is studying in grade one in Qixin School of our institute. She has mastered Pinyin, can write Chinese characters “ren”, “kou”, “tou” and “shou”, but she can’t write her own name. Carrie is also learning some English words and is able to speak simple English words. Carrie is very artistic. Her caregivers note she is not the best singer but she loves to perform!

$5.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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