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FrankFranklin-AsiaBoy, born May 2005
Postoperative left inguinal hernia and a cyst of pellucid septal cave

Listed: July 30, 2013

Bright eyed Frank is very extroverted and outgoing. He gets along well with others and is active and clever. He is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with postoperative left inguinal hernia and a cyst of pellucid septal cave. Frank has had no symptoms or discomfort so no treatment has been done for his cyst. Frank has been doing very well and has been living with a foster family since 2006. Under the care of his foster family, he has grown up healthily. Frank has a good appetite and likes to eat meat. He also loves apples, bananas, potato chips, and candy. He is not afraid of strangers and can say hello to strangers on his own initiative. Frank likes to spend time with his friends and loves cartoons. When he sees an exciting scene in the cartoon he will jump about joyfully. His favorite activity is riding bikes and going for outdoor walks in the summer.

Update 2014: In 2007 Frank’s foster parents noticed a swelling on the right side of his groin and took him to the hospital where surgery was performed for right inguinal hernia. Almost four years later they noticed swelling on the left side of his groin and he had surgery for left inguinal hernia. Frank is now reported to be healthy. His favorite foods are rice, noodles, mild, eggs, fish, meat, vegetables and fruit – he is not picky. At the time of his report in March 2014 he was in the 3rd grade and described as a very good student with special skills in computers. Frank is said to be a sensible and hardworking boy who is curious about new things. The report also states he is good at sports and his favorite summer activity is riding a bike outdoors. His favorite toys are cars and Transformers. Frank is described as a lovely and active boy who is praised by his foster parents and teachers, but in his heart, he wants to have his own family.

Update 2015:  Frank is a healthy boy who is a very good student with special skill in computers. His host family says he is a tender-hearted young man who is very smart and knows and understands a lot of English. He is cautious and likes to follow the rules, and he acts like a protective big brother to younger children in the program. He is enjoying the legos and the hot wheels race tracks and is very exact at following the directions to put new things together. He is also good at making up his own patterns with the legos. He had hernia surgery in 2011 but is now reported to be healthy.

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