Reno 201430706161738 (2)Boy, born April 2011

Congenital heart disease: perimembranous ventricular septum defect, congenital atrial septum defect, minor pulmonary valve stenosis

crossed eyes, ptosis (droopy eyelid), both sides inguinal testis, delay of psychological and speech development.


From a family who met him, summer 2014:
He is very small but he does not let it stop him. He can run and climb and say names. He played very well with other children. I never witness him being aggressive to other children. Every time we came to visit he would run up and put his arms up to be held. I would stroke his check and say his name then he was off to the races. He would make an awesome son! The orphanage is so nice. The playground facility was top notch and the nannies were so nice. We were able to interact with all of the children in our daughter’s group which I found to be a huge plus. We got to see first hand how he played and got along with other children


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