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photoboyBoy, born 2007
ADHD; moderate delays

Isaac is a little boy who was diagnosed with ADHD. Being neglected by his biological parents who used drugs and were unable to care for him, he was in the custody of his grandmother. Unfortunately, the child was overly punished by his grandmother for his inability to follow rules or to do as he was told. This child was removed from his grandmother’s home because his kindergarten reported signs of domestic abuse. The child described that he would get in trouble for things like not being able to control his bladder, so he would hide his soiled clothes.

In Isaac’s diagnosis, his doctors described the following in his report:
Isaac was diagnosed by the neurologist with ADHD, with moderate mental delays and a developmental delay; he has an IQ of 55, (although but this is not secure information because it has been difficult to evaluate his cognitive area). He can’t open his buttons yet, prefers to use a spoon and his hands when eating than using a fork. He can’t handle a zipper, he cannot wash his hands, can identify different parts of the face. In his past in school, he is reported to have thrown tantrums. Isaac doesn’t speak clearly yet, has problems controlling sphincters (both), his motor skills development is adequate and he’s right handed. Regarding his behavior, while this little boy has definitely improved in the last year, he doesn’t share with other children, doesn’t speak with other children, follows very little rules, can’t stay still for long periods of time. He is taking Ritalin twice a day.

Because of Isaac’s ADHD, he requires a loving and caring family that will help him to overcome his developmental delays caused by years of abuse and negligence. He also needs to feel unconditionally accepted, building again his self-esteem, so that he can have emotional stability and feel the love he never had with his biological family. He attends speech and occupational therapy regularly and takes Ritalin twice daily.

Photo available from the agency, for serious inquiries.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him. The agency anticipates they’ll have his file for 3-6 months.