JaredBoy, born May 2004
post-operative spina bifida


At 3 yrs old, he was described as “both introverted and extroverted, bright and lovely.” He was further described as a social child who likes to play with the caregivers and gets along well with other kids. It was reported that he was “naughty and sometimes obstinate.” It should be noted, however, that the term for naughty in Chinese “tiaopi” has a positive connotation that is more closely described as “spunky.” At that time, he liked watching cartoons and listening to music.

In a 2011 report, his caregivers described Jared as an energetic boy who prefers active play and sports.
He was attending community school, and had just completed the first grade. When asked about his favorite subjects, he reported that he likes physical education and Chinese, but not math. He has a best friend, and says his favorite foods are peaches and watermelon.

His special need is post-op spina bifida (meningocele); two seizures at age 1 and age 2. No additional seizures have occurred.  He is continent, has normal cognitive functions and has good motor function.

From a volunteer at a camp Jared attended: To be totally honest, he is very cute. I really love him, he is so lovely.  His personality is great, he is so sweet and mature and properly extroverted, he will listen to my words and do as told when it’s good for him, which I think is really necessary to judge whether is good or not, and he shows potential of being independent and mature, compared to his age. He wanted to play the games in my smart phone and likes watching cartoons. He’s good at being smart and obedient to what’s really good for him, I think he’s a kid with high IQ.

I think he is almost normal, the week that I spent with him, I did not find any deformity or disability, I think he can do all the things, but what I know is that, he has nerve damage in his waist spine. He’s a very good kid in summary, the most beautiful part about him is that he is willing to share his past, he told me how his parent abandoned him and he shows no resentment about that, the fact that he does not have bitterness in his heart really can make me believe that he’s a kid with a big heart and a good personality.

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