Ryan (L)


Ryan update (1)Boy, born July 2010

Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (repaired), mild asthma

Sweet boy!  He was left at birth, due to his Down syndrome diagnosis.

Ryan update (2)


Update as of March 2013:
the boy walks and eats without any help, is interested in everything, pronounces single parts of the words, understands and implements some instructions. Hep B. And A vacsinations performed, pneumo vacsinations performed

Update April 2015:

Ryan is an independent child – he eats without help and dresses and undresses himself. He understands instructions, but does not always implement them. Sometimes he is stubborn. He pronounces syllables, but not yet clearly and tends to express with signs his wishes. He concentrates his attention only when he likes the activity. He likes musical activities and participates in them as well – dances, plays the rhythm with his hands, tries to sing, plays with rattle. He likes to dance, watch cartoons, to draw, look into books. His sleep is well. Likes to wash him. He wears the glasses. Ryan is friendly and plays with other children. He is loving and friendly with adults.

$6200.96 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!