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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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AnnaMarie (1)annamarie-2Girl, born December 1998
AnnaMarie is really struggling right now, longing for a family. Many of her friends have been adopted in the last year (through RR), but no family has come for *her*. She wants a family so badly — aches for a family, cries herself to sleep because her longing for a mama and a papa is so strong and so painful.

She knows what her future holds when she ages out of the orphanage and is on the streets by herself.   AnnaMarie is not some hardened 15yo.   She is a sweet, kind, smart, beautiful child who longs to be hugged and cuddled by people she can call “mama” and “papa,” a family of her very own.   Please, share this note and share her profile.   She only has until December to find a family.

AnnaMarie loves school and was in 6th grade when I met her.  Her favorite subject is math and likes working on the computer and with cameras. AnnaMarie is very quiet, sweet, and soft-spoken.   She is very positive.   She wants to have brothers and sisters of her own, and has many friends.  She likes going out with her friends and dancing.  She wants to go to college.  I hope someone can help her make her dream come true!

AnnaMarie is in the same orphanage with several other available children. Interested and approved families could adopt multiple children together.

$14,293.97 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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