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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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NETTIE and PATRICK for the Owens family — KY

NettiePatrickAnthony and Krystal have been married for close to nine years. To say that they hit the ground running, as far as parenting goes, is quite the understatement. Krystal opened her home for foster care for two years before she and Anthony married. As a matter of fact, Krystal was a foster mom to two beautiful blonde haired girls the day the two married. The story goes that when Anthony was told he had six months to complete his foster care training, after marriage, that Krystal made it quite clear that she and the girls were a package deal. He couldn’t have one without the other. Without hesitation, Anthony chose the full package and nine months later, those beautiful blondes officially became part of the Owens “Forever Family”. One month after that, their son Harrison was born and very shortly after that, Anderson and Karrington came along to complete the Owens’ family…..or at least that’s what everyone else thought. Although the Owens family was settled on the outside, there was still a stirring in Owens Kids their hearts to adopt, again. The Owens’ feel strongly that adoption is a mandate from God. They know that God has called His people to care for the orphans and they don’t take that lightly. Although Anthony & Krystal knew they would adopt, again, they always assumed it would be another domestic adoption. However, God began to burden them for the special-needs children, overseas. It is the desire of the entire Owens’ family to rescue as many orphans as possible from a life of uncertainty and shower them with love, stability, hope in Christ, and a future…as well as a momma, a daddy, three sisters, and two brothers.



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