Marv (1) Marv (2)Boy, born October 2001
Crossed-eyes, development delays

From someone who met him:
Marv is a very sweet, happy boy. He loves to play soccer, even though his vision problems make that very difficult for him. He has been living in a boarding school for typical kids, and receiving his own private lessons, but recently was transferred to a facility in another region specifically for children with special needs. His favorite class is math, and he gets great grades in math. His least favorite class is Ukrainian. He is said to learn more slowly than other children, which is why he has required private lessons.

Guardian AngelHe is cheerful, friendly, and sociable. He said several times he would like to be adopted by an American family.

Marv’s grant of $4,583.06 has been gifted with Isaiahu and Haines.