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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Abraham #59-3

AbrahamAge: 3
Diagnosis: Combined defect (cleft lip, soft palate and hard palate) – surgically corrected, delays in development

Abraham has had 6 surgeries to correct his cleft and palate issues. He makes some vocalizations, but does not have any developed speech at this time. He has well developed motor skills: walks, runs, goes up/down steps unassisted. He eats independently and drinks from a cup. His attention is unstable and he does not interact with the other children. He does interact with known adults, and has a 1:1 caregiver that spends time with him several days a week. He has been evaluated by a psychologist and diagnosed with moderate mental delays.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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