Lyla 1

LylaLyla 1Girl, born August 2007
Learning delays/low IQ


Lyla is a beautiful little girl who is 5 years old. She came into care just last August, and was found to be a normal, healthy little girl who was developmentally on target. She adapted to the orphanage life quickly. She was “tested” after being at the orphanage only 3 months, and they said she had  “clear pronunciation, fluent, restless, no abnormal action, flexible hands and feet, understand general objects and use of some objects, poor initiative action”…then they slapped her file with a low IQ number. Lyla can speak in full sentences, understands directions, cares for her needs, helps out with the children younger than she is, and is a delightful little girl. She attends kindergarten and lives with a foster family.

Lyla loves to play games, loves to go to school, and is a very happy little girl. I am not sure what they expect of her as far as “initiative” is concerned…but considering the changes in her life these past months, she seems to be doing very well! Lyla needs a family to love her, and enjoy every minute of having this sweet girl as their daughter.

UPDATED 2015: She’s an extraverted girl with lots of energy. She would greet everyone with a smile, and would try to engage them. She moves and talks constantly. She has a sweet disposition, never saw her angry or upset. She often tries to trick us for fun, saying things like “I have to go pee” but then 10 seconds later say “Oh I tricked you!” Molly is funny in her own way, often saying or doing random things that surprise people.

One night, toward the end of camp, the kids were wide awake and full of energy so we brought out some coloring books, markers, and nail polish. Molly immediately grabbed at the markers and started scribbling, by the end of the night Molly seemed to have more lines on her legs and arms rather than on the coloring book. Because of her short attention span, coloring time ended soon after it started and nail polish was her next amusement. After covering her fingers in blues, reds, and yellows Molly came after the translators and volunteers in the room. Succeeding in her escapade, there was more nail polish on everyone’s skin and on the floor than on people’s nails. It’s hard to say no to an adorable little girl when she asks to paint your nails, even when you know it’s going to end up in colorful body parts instead of nails.

Her chronological age is 8, but we estimate her developmental age to be around 3 or 4. She has difficulty in focusing on one activity, and seems averse to learning when we tried to engage her. She moves and talks constantly, and sleeps very little, such as 4-5 hours each night.

$100.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!