MI (1) Blaine-2014Boy, born Sept 1999
Cerebral palsy, deep mental handicap, hydrocephaly, complete vascular leukoma, corneal staphyloma, inborn optic atrophy

This child is rather calm, but always smiles when somebody touches him, and always tries to walk with somebody’s support.

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:  “A very handsome young man. He gets around really well by crawling on his knees. He can walk a few steps with assistance but he cannot fully straighten his knees. But with therapy etc he could walk unassisted! He can feed himself a soft diet with a spoon. He verbalizes sounds but I do not think he can speak yet. He responds to affection but spends a lot of time staring out the window. He’s bored and needs out! ”

From a family who met him in June 2013:   I met Blaine today. When I arrived at the orphanage he was being stretched by the therapist. He seemed to really like the therapist and would crawl to him and hold up his hands so that he could stand up. He can walk if you hold both his hands, and I saw him in a gait trainer, too. It’s very difficult for him to walk as he doesn’t seem to be able to fully straighten his legs. Blaine smiles a lot and seemed to be a pretty happy kid. He did get mad about something and have a tantrum, but it passed quickly. He rocks a lot and makes repetitive noises. He came over to sit by me and took my hand from another child’s so he could hold it. He was very interested in my iPhone.

From someone who met him: He was a bundle of smiles, just desperate to interact with us. [One of the men]picked him up and swung him, they obviously have built up a relationship and he shrieked with laughter…it was joyous! He was made to sit next to Tania for a picture, she hated it but he was just fine! He would blossom in a family and with a life!

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