Vm (1)Nehemiah-2014Boy, born January 2000
Cerebral palsy, difficult mental handicap

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:  ” such sad, soulful eyes. He has a lot of self-harming behaviors and is covered in scars. He is aware of what is going on around him though and needs love and attention to blossom. He likes music. He can feed himself but will give you the spoon back when he wants a break. He can walk. This little love deserves a chance to be happy, it makes me sick to think of what awaits him in life. ”

From someone who met him:  When I met him I was heartbroken! More than any child in the institution the sight of this thin boy with his hands tied and blood on his sleeves made me weep! My own child self-harms and I think I connected with this sight…it could have been my angel!!   The staff told me he was tied for his protection, as he hurts himself; the holes on his sleeves obviously points to this… my own child has a self-harming syndrome and lives a wondrously happy and fabulous family life! Yes it needs managing but this child in front of me was desperate and my heart literally broke!  He needs help and the life I know he can lead!

From an adoptive family who visited with him in June 2013:  I met Nehemiah today. He is in a groupa with 7 other boys. In the playroom he sat on a mat with a stuffed lion. He didn’t really interact with me at all. Occasionally he would begin to cry loudly. Luckily, the caregivers responded to him quickly. He has sores all over his hands and wounds on his face. He’s a very attractive little guy, though.

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