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LEAH and JOANNA for the Marenco family — CA

MarencoDanny and Sara met in college. Danny was going to be a pastor. Sara was going to be a doctor. They both enjoyed each others company, sense of humor, and love for Christ. A few years, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. A year later they decided to get married. Danny became a teacher and Sarah went to law school. After Sara had her first child, Michelangelo, she knew she wanted to stay home to raise her beautiful baby. Throughout their 18 years of marriage, they added three more beautiful children, a total of three boys and one girl. Danny has been teaching for many years. However, God is calling him back to the ministry. Therefore, he runs the Men’s Ministry at his church, preaches in different churches, and will start his M.A. in Pastoral Ministry in the near future. Sara and Danny enjoy having a loving God centered home where their children can be encouraged, loved, and trained in a Godly home.

Sara’s sister decided to adopt a beautiful down syndrome baby from the Ukraine through Reece’s Rainbow this past year. Although Sara and Danny have wanted to adopt for a long time, seeing Sabrina adopt a child, really made them think of adopting a child. Danny and Sara found a beautiful hearing impaired girl and would like her to be part of their family. Rosalia, their daughter, is very excited to have a new sister. The whole family is excited to have Leah as part of their family. Danny and Sara were very concerned of never having enough money for the adoption. However, after seeing so many families walking on faith, they decided to take a leap of faith. Come home Leah, come home…you have a family that loves you. Danny and Sara would like to thank everyone for their support and showing your great generosity as they embark in this beautiful journey.


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