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HUDSON for the Settles family — WA

Hudson 2Stacey and Daniell met at a 4th of July gathering, they were immediately smitten with each other and married almost one year later. After 9 years of marriage they have three amazing little boys and are looking forward to adding another little one to their mix. Stacey spent the last 15 years honorably serving in the United States Navy as a Quartermaster. He has been on numerous deployments and enjoys his job. Daniell is a stay at home mom who spends a great majority of her time educating their children. When she’s not educating, you can find her snapping photos or creating something in the kitchen.

For over four years they discussed domestic adoption and even completed the training courses but Daniell got pregnant with their third child just as Stacey was leaving on a deployment, so they decided to wait. It wasn’t until Daniell went on a trip to pick up her best friend’s newly adopted children in Eastern Europe that her passion was reignited, Stacey followed suit soon after. What were idle discussions, turned into prayers and serious consideration, then in late October they started searching for a child they could add to their family. They found an amazing little boy in Russia and started the process, but no sooner did they start, Russia closed its doors. With heart break of Russia closing and their family facing a military move they decided to once again, put adoption on hold. They continued to advocate for orphans, support the families adopting and pray for them all. For Daniell, this included daily visits to the Reece’s Rainbow website to pray and oogle over all those sweet babies who needed families to love them. She couldn’t resist them, especially the smiling little face of Hudson, he called to her heart.

With their move edging closer Stacey and Daniell faced numerous decisions, including where to live once they moved and what to do with the home they own. They talked and came up with several different contingency plans, one of which was a plan for the family to stay behind until their home could be either rented or sold. But, none of their plans seemed to settle in their hearts as the right choice. So, as they do with all major decisions, they began to pray that God would show them which path to take. Don’t you know, without hesitation the Lord opened the door and shined the brightest of lights onto their path.  Their plans to adopt were back! They immediately knew that they could finally add Hudson’s smiling face to their family and love him as every little boy deserves to be loved.

Stacey is still scheduled to report to his new duty station in mid November, meaning this family needs to move quickly. Please, consider giving, praying and simply joining the Settles family on their journey to bring Hudson home.

4/2/14—LOA RECVD

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