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Anjie (4)

Anjie (1)Girl, born May 2010
Congenital cataracts; developmental delay

Anjie is a smart, quiet and pretty little 2 year old girl. The aunts all like her very much enjoy taking care of her. They hope she can have a warm and happy family, a father and mother who will love her and care for her, so she can grow up happily. Her special need is congenital cataracts, and she also has a development delay most likely having to do with her vision impairment.

Anjie can squat on the bed with her hands holding on to the handrails. Most of the time, she likes to sit beside an auntie and listens to the auntie talking. She is not picky with food and has a good appetite. If you give her a toy with sounds, she will shake it happily and listen to it. She likes to take a bath and likes to listen to the sound of running water.

$90.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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