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Fynn (1) Fynn (2)Boy, born July 2006
atelencephalia; anemia

Listed: May 2013

At admission he was very weak and was delayed. As time goes by, he has less differences than normal children. At present, he could reach the same level of physical motor skills of normal children. He mainly has language development delay. He often speaks single words and simple phrases as well as simple sentences such as, “mom, I want a ball; Mr. / Ms. teacher, he hits me.” He is able to run, jump and plays a swing set. He enjoys playing games with other children

He is very smart with strong imitating ability. When shopping in a supermarket, he knows to put the goods on the table of a casher to let him or her count them then he pays them. He knows the function of money. He is very loved by his foster family and has a good understanding of what a good big brother is.

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