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DAMION for the Rafferty family — NC

DamianChris and Traci met at a coffee shop in Raleigh, North Carolina. As they started talking they realized they had criss-crossed the country, from Montana to Alabama and back, before they both moved to Raleigh for school. After this first meeting they were merely acquaintances for a couple years until they got to know each other more when they both happened to move to Turkey for jobs. As their friendship bloomed into love they realized their mutual travel wasn’t the only thing they had in common. They both cherished other cultures and people and both loved God and desired to serve Him with their lives.

They got married and had two precious daughters early in their marriage. With a desire for more children, they felt the Lord was directing them to adopt. To be honest, Chris was ready before Traci. It wasn’t that Traci didn’t like adoption, she was just fearful that she wouldn’t love an adopted child as much as she loved her biological children. After much prayer and counsel they desired to follow what they believed God was leading them to do and start the adoption process. The first adoption was lengthy and difficult but God used this to get Traci’s heart ready. When the adoption was finalized in January of 2012 they were both eager to welcome their Bulgarian son, Alex, into their family with their whole hearts.

It’s been a little over a year now and they feel the Lord leading them to adopt another child. They were praying about this when they learned about Damion through a fellow church member who is finalizing an adoption through Reece’s Rainbow. When they saw Damion’s information Chris and Traci knew immediately he was to be part of their family. Within two days they had filed the necessary paperwork to begin the process of bringing him home.

A while back Damion wrote a letter to his future family, “I want to have a family because I love the family. I would love to have a mummy and a daddy who I will love.” (Then he signed it to make it official.) Well, Damion will not only get the mummy and daddy he greatly desires but will also have two sisters, a brother, and the dog he said he wanted. Don’t you just love when a story has a happy ending?!

7/7/14—FINAL TRIP 8/4

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