Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy- spastic quadriplegia /more visible in the upper limbs, Retinopathy II type – Total detachment of both retinas; delayed development

Kraig is 4 years old. He is considered blind as a result of an injury during birth and surgeons in his home country have determined that his eyes can not be repaired. He is sociable, especially with adults he knows. He walks holding on to one hand of an adult and around an immovable support. He will take several independent steps and it is very likely that the only reason he is not 100% independent with his walking is due to his hesitation to walk since he can not see where he is going. He shows interest in the surrounding environment and listens to its noises. He eats from a spoon and is learning to feed himself. He can get the spoon to his mouth, but is still learning how to scoop food onto the spoon while compensating for his lack of vision. He plays with toys. He babbles and says some syllables spontaneously. He interacts with adults. He follows verbal directions and will play games in which he has to follow verbal instructions (raise your hands, clap your hands, etc). He enjoys music.

Several photos and a detailed video from April 2013 are available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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