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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGirl, born September 2007
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect, pigeon chest

Melia is a quiet and personal child. She has round face with pink skin and is a adore child. She was abandoned at 28 months old.

At the age of 4 years, she can walk alone, and can call mother when she has needs; she can distinguish the right and wrong of children’s behavior. When she knows other child makes a mistake, she would hold mother’s hand to the front of that child, and say “ he is not obedient”, and then points to herself and says “Melia is obedient, and mom likes me.” She likes to hold a pen with full hand and scribbles and can turn book pages one by one.

In the update from July 2012, she can play and chase in the playground at outdoors with children while handing in hand. She can imitate mother’s building a tower of blocks, can build a car with small blocks and big blocks, and after finishing she would say “mom, it’s car”. She likes singing some simple children’s songs with children, knows to care about children, takes the toy for them; when she sees other children running at the nose, she would help them to clean. She can put on and take off clothes, shoes and socks alone; she can go to toilet without help and can have a meal alone.

$1185.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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