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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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DONALD for the Claus family — OR

Donald March2013 (12)claus-levi-2Josh and Chelsea met at a small church as teenagers, dated for nearly 5 years and have now been married for 9 years. They now live right around the corner from the church where they met and have four beautiful biological children, ages 7 and under.

Chelsea has wanted to adopt since she first heard, as a little girl, that there were children in the world who didn’t have families. Josh agreed that adoption was important but wasn’t yet convinced that it was for their family. When friends of theirs adopted a child with special needs from an Eastern European country, their eyes were opened to the plight of the orphan, especially those with special needs across the globe. Their eyes could not be shut, and Chelsea began advocating for waiting children through Reece’s Rainbow, and became a prayer warrior for several orphans. God started to speak to both Josh and Chelsea about adoption. Through much prayer they came to believe that their family was called to adopt, but they didn’t know who or when. Well, God provided them with the who. A sweet 4 year old boy with Sotos Syndrome and Scoliosis had snuck into their minds and stolen their hearts. Once they knew who they should adopt, that also answered the question of when. NOW! :)

They are stepping out in faith to rescue this precious child from his orphanage in Eastern Europe. Adoption is redemption, and redemption is costly. Please help them give this very deserving little boy a forever family who will treasure him always.


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at


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