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Damion #64-3

DamianBoy, DOB: 2005

Damion was born premature and had a shunt placed when he was a year old. Testing in 2012 indicated that the shunt is no longer operational and is not needed. Since it was not needed, no repairs to it were done. Damion is also reported to have strabismus and is taking medication for ADHD.

Damion is about to celebrate his 8th birthday.  His wish is to have a family of his very own.

Damion currently lives in a family style group home where he is thriving. Recently, an American family went there to visit the child that they are adopting and Damion requested a meeting with them, during which he asked them to please help him to find a family just for him. He even wrote a letter to his future family.

Damion has lived in the group home for over a year. Since being in this setting he’s made tremendous progress. IQ testing indicates that he is in the “average” range of intelligence though he is considered mildly delayed. He has been receiving intensive therapy and instruction to assist him in catching up on the skill areas that were delayed. He walks, runs, rides a bicycle, talks in complete sentences, asks and answers questions, takes care of self-help related tasks independently (washing hands, going to the bathroom, etc). He enjoys writing letters and the director reports that he enjoys spending time in his room working on his handwriting, practicing his numbers, drawing and watching TV. There are 2 adults at the group home that he is particularly bonded to. He spends a great deal of time with these adults and talks often with them about his hopes and dreams for his future. He goes on errands with these adults to go shopping and such. He acts very appropriately in public settings. The director reports that he is now much more able to control the hyper active behaviors that he initially demonstrated when he moved in to the group home. He understands the difference between good/bad and right/wrong and can appropriately explain the consequences for certain actions.

From the family who met him in April 2013:

He is very creative, smart, motivated and friendly. He loves to act like a grown up and help the director of his group home with daily tasks. He is the oldest child in his group home, so the director and other staff enjoy taking him on walks and to run errands. He wants a family very badly and asked if we could help him find a family. He did say he loves speaking his native language, but thinks he could learn a new language too. When I asked him what he would want his new family to know, his first response was “I like ice cream.” He quickly followed that up with liking fruit and rice. He wants to be a police officer and a doctor when he grows up. He would make an amazing son to any family. He likes dogs and would love to have one of his own. He had my translator write a letter to his future family “I want to have a family because I love the family. I would like to have a mummy and a daddy who I will love.” Then he signed it to make it official.

Additional photos and videos of Damion are available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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