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Kree 201330412204912 (2)Girl, born November 2008

Brain malformation, corpus callosum agenesia, delay of psychological and speech development, pyramid insufficiency, hip dysplasia, convergent squint.


What captivating eyes she has!
From a family who met her in late 2013:
Kree was in our son’s groupa. We saw her a number of times during our 7 weeks of visits. She is a sweetheart! She is outgoing and sweet. She loved interacting with our son who has DS, and functions much lower than Kree. She is happy and active….I had no idea of her diagnosis (what it meant) during our time in country and never would have guessed having watched her. She is functioning very well….close to “typical”. She seems to be only mildly affected by her medical diagnoses. She walks and runs fine. Interacts very “typically”. She eats and potties on her own (with direction from nannies of course.) She loved getting silly with our son. :) When the groupa got overly active (bc of us being there spun them up!) she responded very well to settling back down. She appears to have a wandering eye and most days was wearing glasses with a patch over one eye….presumably to help correct this issue. This is an excellent orphanage with good medical care and attentive nannies in her groupa. I have some pictures and video of her in action. She needs to be in a family!!

$31.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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